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SHIMIAODAO's startup story:Affo went to America to open a bridge noodle shop

January 01,1970

        In the 1980s, Affo, a native of henan province, followed his fellow townsman into the United States and decided to make a career abroad.

bridge rice noodle shop
        After arriving in the United States, Affo built up his fortune through hard carpentry. He found that more and more Chinese came to the United States to develop, and "what to eat" became a collective echo of nostalgia.

        So, he decided to open a ramen restaurant, with the taste of his hometown to cure the homesick villagers. Affo manages every detail of the restaurant, from the first pot of soup cooked in the morning, to the fermentation and every step of the noodle shop, and business is good.

        However, Affo is also looking for other catering projects. After all, Affo leaves every day early from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., so does it have to be that hard to make money?

        In 2018, Affo ate SHIMIAODAO for the first time in the United States. He came across that SHIMIAODAO was a project that required no chef, standardized meal preparation, artificial food and ingredients. What reassured him was that SHIMIAODAO was already widely accepted in the Chinese areas of the United States, and the advertising effect had reached popularity.

        At present, the first Affo, SHIMIAODAO, is located in the plaza DE l 'atla du roz, making $7, 000 or $7, 000 a day. "Compared with ramen noodle shops, rice noodle shops only need to keep an eye on the restaurant during peak times and leave most of the time to the manager and staff. In terms of food materials, ramen noodle shops have a lot of stock, and rice noodle shops are all standard suppliers. Compared with that, rice noodle shops have a greater operational advantage."

        Affo's SHIMIAODAO store is surrounded by restaurants, but SHIMIAODAO has been reliably trusted by consumers for its reputation and taste.

        Store address: 2180 Pleasant Hill Rd b10, Duluth, GA 30096.

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