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SHIMIAODAO franchisees dig deep into their store opening story

November 26,2019

        In the 1960s, Daxiong's father, originally from guangdong province, moved to Canada alone and made his first fortune in the communications industry. Later, as "the second generation of overseas Chinese," Daxiong chose to follow in his father's footsteps.

        However, Daxiong still hopes that he can develop his own career, he believes that in foreign countries dare to dare to break, not afraid of hardship, other areas must also hide more business opportunities?

        In 2017, Daxiong, who lives in Canada, found that many of the rice noodle stores there were doing very well. It was an opportunity to go back to China. Daxiong also found that the rice noodle brand was very popular. After comparing several brands, Daxiong chose SHIMIAODAO.

        Because of his lack of experience in catering, Daxiong chose partners with extensive experience in catering. Two stores have opened so far. "The preparatory period was also smooth. The store space design, selection of space materials, transportation of raw materials and production standards were all completed successfully with the assistance of the headquarters."

        After opening, the base of hot and spicy soup and golden soup has won good public praise and feedback, and the new products such as kimchi fat cow and pickled cabbage fish rice noodles are synchronized globally with the cycle of each season, which is also the core of SHIMIAODAO's competitiveness in the local market. Daxiong's entrepreneurial history also ushered in the peak of his personal sense of achievement.

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