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SHIMIAODAO 60+ stores in the United States have a strong international force

November 14,2019

        In just two or three years, SHIMIAODAO has opened more than 60 stores in the United States, and the stores are doing well. In the United States, in addition to hamburgers, French fries and Fried chicken daily, and bridge rice noodles hot. Over the years, it is with a bowl of yunnan bridge rice noodles that Chinese people have cured their homesickness, turned the taste of homesickness into the power of delicious food, and transported the traditional Chinese food across the ocean and around the world. Together to understand the SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles join the project!

        To get a sense of the size of the United States:
        The Chinese community in the United States spans five major states and has a population of about 5 million people. The cumulative size is equivalent to more than half of the population of hangzhou, focusing on metropolitan areas such as New York, California, Texas, New Jersey and Washington state. It can be seen that SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles have a great development prospect. In the United States, yunnan bridge rice noodles have a great development space.

        Let's take a look at the winning dish of SHIMIAODAO rice noodles.
        With a bowl of boiling stock and a spoonful of shredded rice noodles, the fresh ham, chicken and meat are instantly cooked. It takes only 10 seconds for you to enjoy the authentic yunnan food. This is the delicious food that SHIMIAODAO rice noodles will bring you. What's more, SHIMIAODAO rice noodles have different flavors of delicious soup base, such as bone soup, tomato, spicy, golden soup, pickled fish, pickled beef, beef belly hot pot rice noodles and so on.

        Show you how these stores are doing in the us?
        Flushing, New York (average daily turnover $5-6k, most of the regular customers)
        In 2017, the old restaurant has a rich consumer group, including both Chinese and foreigners. The owner of flushing restaurant is from fujian province. SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles join the brand, attracted by the standardized operation, simple and easy to copy. 50 square meters, compact guest area, two years, SHIMIAODAO flushing store in the fierce competition has always had a good popularity.
        Store address: Roosevelt Ave Flushing NY 11354.
        Brooklyn, New York (Chinese community store, $4k per day)
        Several young entrepreneurs start a business partnership, want to do a restaurant with Chinese characteristics. The first SHIMIAODAO crossing bridge rice noodles restaurant opened earlier in 2016. The 55-square-meter restaurant is small, but within the local community, business is very good.
        Store address:SHIMIAODAO 705 59th street Unite E. Brooklyn NY 11220.
rice noodles
        California (alameda county store, foreigner and Chinese gathering area, 150 square meters)
        The old overseas Chinese venture capital of the United States, which opened in 2018, immigrated to the United States from macau with his family when he was a child. However, he was always deeply in love with the emotional culture extended by the traditional Chinese cuisine. Therefore, he became attached to SHIMIAODAO. From the initial negotiation to cooperation to store design, decoration and personnel training, the boss and bodo headquarters made sufficient preparations for 6 months, during the trial operation, the daily sales of 300 bowls of rice noodles could be sold.
        Store address: 145W Joaquin Ave San Leandro CA 94577, alameda county, California, USA.
bridge rice noodles
        Do you know our support program?
        Opening guidance: many overseas customers are not convenient to go back to China and cannot leave. We will send professional technical guidance to local stores for on-site teaching, such as the technical guidance service before the opening of the new store.

        Product update: each store is based on the brand's product update to the new brand, continue to attract local customers.

        Support of the whole catering industry chain: including in-store training, technical guidance, store design, product update, local promotion, material supply, store development and other services.

        In addition, the news about the opening of new stores:
        Seattle, Washington; Minnesota; north Carolina; Tennessee; Virginia.
        Stay tuned for more SHIMIAODAO stores. Have the intention to open a shop, can also direct online message contact us.

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