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Take you to meet SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles

October 29,2019

        SHIMIAODAO is a food brand with bridge rice noodles as its main product. It inherits the essence of authentic yunnan bridge rice noodles and combines modern production technology to bring this yunnan food to consumers all over the country. Even if you don't go to yunnan, you can feel the beauty of yunnan colorful culture and taste the flavor of yunnan when you come to SHIMIAODAO.

Take you to meet SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles
        SHIMIAODAO has a rich product line and a complete product line. It not only has more than 10 flavors of bridge rice noodles, but also offers snacks, cold dishes, drinks and other auxiliary products that can be matched with the main food. In the taste to meet the choice of different consumer groups, a variety of food also bring consumers more rich taste experience.

        SHIMIAODAO brand image, simple and fresh, also fully reflects the characteristics of yunnan colorful culture, but also do not lose the charm of fashion. Beautiful environment, comfortable seats, the pursuit of consumption in the pursuit of the era, such a "high appearance level" restaurant in the catering market shows extraordinary competitive advantage.

        SHIMIAODAO brand reputation is good, the brand influence is extensive, but more worthy of trust is the strength of the brand headquarters to bring you franchisee's "sense of security". SHIMIAODAO brand the headquarters of the company is located in the beautiful city of hangzhou, enterprises in the catering industry deep nearly twenty years and successfully hatch a number of food and beverage brands, has rich experience in restaurant, formed a complete industrial chain, have professional to join the management team, escort for the joining trader, and perfect after-sale service, arrange one-on-one supervision, regular tour store, help to solve the problem.

        SHIMIAODAO brand is not limited to joining in China. In 2016, the brand went abroad and opened direct stores and franchised stores in many overseas countries and regions. In less than five years, SHIMIAODAO opened 2200+ brand chain stores, including 55 stores overseas.

        If you are interested in the SHIMIAODAO restaurant brand after reading the brief introduction, you can continue to follow the SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodles to join the brand. If interested in joining, you can give us a message on the official website, our joining commissioner will contact you by phone, for you to introduce the detailed situation of joining.

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