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Loyal fans everywhere, SHIMIAODAO with what to maintain high fever?

October 09,2019

     As a trendy brand of crossing-the-bridge noodles, SHIMIAODAO enjoys wide popularity among consumers and its loyal fans are spread all over the world.

        So, by SHIMIAODAO successful circle of fans of the reason is what? Is the decoration style of high appearance level? Is it a comfortable dining environment? Is it a rich selection of delicacies that satisfy the taste buds? Is the price friendly, cost-effective? Or...
        Crossing -the-bridge noodles have inner charm. SHIMIAODAO, as a fashion icon leading the trend of the food industry, is of course relying on the strength of circle fans.
        Bone broth · mellow and delicious
        Good taste is usually inseparable from "fresh nutrition", so in the selection of materials, SHIMIAODAO has been a strict check. Bone broth as the base of each soup, soup is the key link.
        In order to make a delicious nutritious bone soup, SHIMIAODAO USES fresh pig bone, old hen and xuanwei ham to cook the soup. Three kinds of food materials, with different delicious tastes, gather into a pot of good bone soup, which tastes fresh but not greasy, moistens the throat and tongue, and tastes lingering and lingering.
        Soup tastes good, a pot of rice noodles will taste good.
        Eleven ingredients
        A crossing-the-bridge noodles has 11 ingredients, including chicken leg, quail egg, beef, snow vegetables, white fungus, fungus, chives, lunch meat, bean crust, corn, lettuce...
crossing-the-bridge noodles
        The fresh ingredients, while the stock is still hot, are dipped in the soup in sequence and cooked at a high temperature, which gives it more flavor and a healthier way to eat.
        More than a dozen flavors
        Although it is a single food category, but the product taste is not monotonous, there are original rice noodles, tomato rice noodles, golden soup rice noodles, spicy rice noodles four basic soup base.
SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles
        In addition, there are big row of rice noodles, tomato beef rice noodles, spicy pig trotter rice noodles, citric acid tommy line, pickled beef rice noodles, beef tripe hot pot rice noodles, pickled fish rice noodles...... Crossing -the-bridge noodles with more than 10 flavors can be selected to meet the gourmet needs of different consumer groups.

        SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles serve a rich selection of flavors to satisfy your fastidious stomach.
        For a restaurant, delicious is the hard truth. SHIMIAODAO is very popular in the market, and consumers trust the quality of SHIMIAODAO's products.

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