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Take a look at the consumer SHIMIAODAO cross bridge rice noodles shop evaluation

September 25,2019

Store address: 318 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2E7 Canada.

cross bridge rice noodles
Sun xiaoye: for a person who loves rice noodles, this store is my canteen.
A piece of cloud: in Toronto Chinatown around for a long time, suddenly found this yunnan rice noodle shop, clean and bright, and other shops dim old feeling distance. Order food feeling is also good, internal decoration is now more fashionable domestic fast shop design, things are not very expensive. The point of things on the table, really feel good, delicious, son also repeatedly praise.
SHIMIAODAO cross bridge rice noodles
Change a nickname who: SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodle shop decoration style with ethnic customs as the keynote, everywhere highlights full of yunnan customs: ethnic accessories, brick wall bamboo lamp, coir hat, hand-painted ancient style...... Let the taste of your mouth, as far as the eye can see, as if in the south of the clouds.
Love to eat play YuKi: don't know what to eat at noon to work, ordered the SHIMIAODAO of jintang bridge rice noodle napa stores rice noodle, the feeling of chicken soup, delicious, garnish with black fungus and bean sprouts, like the rice noodle, try it a chance to go to Chinatown, going to the next taste chicken soup noodles, like, very successful Uber Eats!

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