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SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodle franchise what to watch out for on the decoration

January 01,1970

  Opening a rice noodle shop these days requires not only an ideal store location, but good decoration as well.At present, catering market brands emerge in an endless stream. In addition to brands, one factor that can attract customers is store decoration.So, what do you need to pay attention to when renovating SHIMIAODAO bridge rice noodle franchise?

bridge rice noodle
        First, decorate the determination of the style

        As an open franchise catering brand, SHIMIAODAO can design different styles of stores according to its own requirements, except for the decoration elements required by the headquarters with SHIMIAODAO.Nevertheless investor people should be aimed at according to place consumptive group and circumjacent environment, will have target sex undertake decorating.Remember, to ensure that the overall decoration style of the shop coordination and unity. Headquarters suggests that franchisees in the decoration of the time to the simple, natural direction of development, such shops suitable for any consumer groups can bring joy to the consumer environment, let the people love.

        Second, the decoration expense budget
        The cost of rice noodle and the budget of the decoration cost of the SHIMIAODAO rice noodle franchise should be something that every operator should consider.The decoration budget of the franchised store mainly consists of two parts, one part is the outsourcing decoration cost, and the other part is the self-purchase cost, the sum of the two and the construction price of labor is the total decoration cost.A good decoration budget is mainly to be aware of, judge whether their own funds are sufficient, as well as the follow-up need to invest how much, to make a general budget, if too much budget will affect the operation of the store.

        The decoration of SHIMIAODAO rice noodle shop is related to the future business quality. The decoration with some characteristics can attract more customers to enter the shop and spend money. Headquarters has professional designers for you to plan the store decoration pattern, of course, the headquarters support is not only in the decoration, site selection, operation, after-sales service is guaranteed.

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