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What is the process of joining SHIMIAODAO rice noodle

January 01,1970

    As an inexpensive and delicious snack, crossing-the-bridge noodles are widely praised after being introduced to the whole country in yunnan province. There are many franchise shops of crossing-the-bridge noodles in major cities, which have different tastes and are popular among young people.However, SHIMIAODAO rice noodle brings the crossing-the-bridge noodles of yunnan to foreign countries, bringing delicious food to more people. Then, which franchise process is needed to open a SHIMIAODAO rice noodle shop abroad?

SHIMIAODAO rice noodle
      1. Franchise consultation
      For the intention to join the brand investors, can be through online customers, can also be consulted through the phone to join the information.

      2. Field trip
      Visit the headquarters on the spot, understand the strength of the company and the operation of the chain store, determine the intention to join.

      3. Franchise application
      Through the preliminary understanding of the project, the franchisee can apply for the franchise, the headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the cooperation qualification of investors.

      4. Sign a contract
      If both parties have reached a friendly cooperation intention, they can sign a franchise contract.

      5. Store location
      Before joining the store location, SHIMIAODAO rice noodle brand analyzes and investigates the franchisee's area so as to select a better store address.

      6. Store decoration
      The headquarters provides the design drawing according to the area of rice noodle franchise, and both parties select the equipment and materials needed for the store, and evaluate the price of decoration.

      7. Headquarters training
      Conduct systematic training according to the training manual, including management training, professional knowledge training, etc. Franchisee shall arrange relevant personnel to head office for training.

      8. Preparation for opening
      Including the handling of various licenses, the establishment of business plans, the purchase of promotional materials.

      After understanding the above contents, do you have any idea about the process of SHIMIAODAO rice noodle joining?

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