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How much does it cost to open the SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop

August 16,2019

      SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles join the project has been developed in the market for many years, the advantages of its own project and the strength of SHIMIAODAO headquarters make the brand more and more familiar to consumers.Opening a SHIMIAODAO rice noodle franchise is a good choice for inexperienced entrepreneurs. The rich franchise experience of the headquarters can provide more support for franchisees to open a shop.However, how much money it takes to open the SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop is a problem that people are worried about.

SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop
        It is reported that the franchise fee for a single SHIMIAODAO rice noodle shop is 60,000 yuan. Of course, different areas may have different shop openings.However, there are different ways of SHIMIAODAO franchise, including regional franchise and single-store franchise. Depending on different types of stores, the cost of opening a SHIMIAODAO rice noodle franchise ranges from 200,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan.At present, there are more than 2000 SHIMIAODAO franchised shops in China and more than 50 overseas. In order to let you know more clearly how SHIMIAODAO rice noodle franchise fee is, small series according to hangzhou and other first-tier cities, listed the list of "SHIMIAODAO franchise fee", we can see the following table. More regional franchise information, can directly consult customer service. 
name cost note
Brand royalty About 8,526 dollars There's a little bit of a difference in the store area
margin 1,421 dollars Return upon termination of cooperation
Decoration (approx. 15㎡) About 5,678 dollars According to the actual area of the site decoration fee settlement
Equipment cost About 8,517 dollars Calculate according to the actual situation
materials cost About 1,419 dollars Raw materials for business
Expected upfront investment About 25,552 dollars The above expenses do not include rent, utilities, etc

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