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How about opening a SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop overseas?

August 05,2019

        People who know SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle brand should know that the development of SHIMIAODAO brand is the direct marketing and brand joining two development routes. At present, 2200+ brand chain stores are distributed at home and abroad, and there are more than 55 SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle stores overseas.

SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop
        A SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop in San Francisco of the United States has dozens of square meters of store size with log, fresh and simple decoration style and elegant and comfortable environment. The daily business of the store is very good, with a large number of customers and a high attendance rate.

        A SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle with full ingredients, nutritious, healthy and delicious, is the authentic yunnan flavor. For the overseas Chinese living overseas, it is a Chinese flavor, a hometown flavor, and a sustenance of nostalgia.

        SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle, a product with strict quality assurance, is rich in products and diversified in choice of taste, meeting the needs of the majority of consumers.In the product line, SHIMIAODAO tries its best to improve itself. Except cross the bridge rice noodle, which is the main product, SHIMIAODAO also introduces a series of snacks and drinks. The integrated mode of "meal + drink" is more in line with the catering consumption needs of modern consumers.SHIMIAODAO continues to provide consumers with better consumption experience, which is why it has gained numerous public praise and brand influence in the market.

        Overseas, people who like SHIMIAODAO are not only Chinese and overseas Chinese, but also some foreigners who like Chinese food.

        No matter overseas or at home, SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodle shop  sincerely invites entrepreneurs with catering dreams to join us and spread this yunnan characteristic food to all parts of the world, so that more people can taste the good taste of traditional Chinese food!

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