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SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles open shop support

July 30,2019

        Anyone who knows SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles brand knows that this rice noodle brand has welcomed its fifth year this year and enjoys high brand popularity in the market. It is not only popular with mass consumers, but also a promising business opportunity for many investors and entrepreneurs.

SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles
        Within a few years, the brand chain stores of SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles have spread all over the world, and opened 2200+ stores. The products of SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles also gain many loyal customers by their rich taste and stable taste.

        Behind every prosperous restaurant, there is no lack of catering boss's hard work, and there is no lack of a mature catering brand behind the support.

        SHIMIAODAO headquarters has a professional catering research and development team. In terms of product building, it adheres to the inheritance of traditional food culture and combines the power of modern science and technology to present the delicious passing-the-bridge noodles to consumers in a better and faster way. A pot of original bone tommy line, let's find the life of the original simple good.

        SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles will launch new products and flavors from time to time. Under systematic operation, it can achieve new products in major chain stores.

        SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles joining project supports unified raw material purchase, which not only saves some troubles for franchisees, but also saves a lot of costs. The headquarters has its own raw material production factory, which operates in a systematic way. All raw materials are traceable and the processing process is strictly controlled. The whole process of cold chain distribution to the store ensures the freshness and health of food materials.

        In all aspects of restaurant opening, the headquarters will arrange professional teams to negotiate with franchisees and communicate with them. For example, we will review and evaluate store location to help franchisees choose an appropriate geographical location. In store decoration and design, the headquarters has a professional design team, which will design a reasonable decoration plan according to the actual situation of the store.

        Join SHIMIAODAO, eight join support, full professional escort, opening a store saves effort and effort.SHIMIAODAO open global franchise, if you are interested in SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles project, you can leave a message "name + contact number" below our WeChat, our franchisee will call you as soon as possible, through telephone communication to introduce the details of the project, looking forward to your message.

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