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The small capital atmosphere of SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles

July 24,2019

In an elegant environment,
And sliding SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles and drinking the drink,
A fine pot smells good,
Such is the small capital appeal of SHIMIAODAO.
 crossing-the-bridge noodles
Retro and nostalgic tables and chairs, bamboo walls,
Murals and lights with ethnic customs,
Yunnan passing-the-bridge noodles,
It is a feast for yunnan people.
Meat and vegetable collocation, nutrition and health,
A bowl of water,
Boil all the yunnan plots into that soup.
In the small space of SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles,
In the environment of the tunnel,
Eat a bowl of crossing-the-bridge noodles.
It's called SHIMIAODAO,
Because, the rice noodles and side dishes into the soup, it only takes ten seconds,
Can magically make you taste,
Authentic, hot, crossing-the-bridge noodles,
Pure taste stimulates your taste buds.
A bowl of boiling stock, a spoonful of pasta,
Ten dishes of fresh vegetables,
It takes ten seconds to taste the authentic yunnan cuisine.
Rice noodles,
Various dishes enveloped the bowl of the desirable chicken soup.
The noodle soup is a layer of chicken oil,
There seemed to be no heat,
The tang temperature is more than one baidu.
Satisfied with a bowl of soup at SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles,
Proudly concocting his own favorite flavor,
While fully enjoying the food in front of you,
Leisurely access to the beauty and energy of life,
Nothing seems more important than that.

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