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Is it feasible for SHIMIAODAO Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles to go overseas

July 09,2019

        A common question asked by many overseas Chinese or Chinese friends overseas is: is it feasible to open a Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles shop in overseas markets?The advantages of SHIMIAODAO Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles tell you, of course! And it will be very popular with local consumers!

SHIMIAODAO Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles
        SHIMIAODAO Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles, a catering brand with five years of market experience, is very popular among mass consumers.At present, brand chain stores are all over the world, with more than 2200+ stores, including 55 overseas stores alone.For entrepreneurs who have the idea of restaurant franchise, choose a successful, market advantages, strength of the restaurant brand to join, set up shop more worry and effort.

        SHIMIAODAO brand headquarters has a perfect franchise management system, mature business operation mode, the whole store output, from the location, decoration, product research and development, material supply, marketing, brand promotion and other aspects to franchisee shop support, headquarters professional team throughout the escort for franchisees, headquarters strength is trustworthy!

        Therefore, SHIMIAODAO Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodles are feasible overseas and many stores have proved this with operating income.If you want to have a deeper understanding of SHIMIAODAO project, you can make an appointment to the headquarters company for a field visit.

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