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Count the SHIMIAODAO stores that are burning abroad

June 11,2019

Understand SHIMIAODAO all know this brand, SHIMIAODAO adhere to carry forward Oriental food as the mission, to "provide the public with can eat food" for the enterprise to pursue, to dig the delicious, combining modern fast food elements with differentiated brand positioning, created a more in line with the Chinese fast food diet and dietary habits of the standardization management system, makes the Chinese restaurant brand.Besides the domestic market, SHIMIAODAO stores always look to the future and target overseas markets.

        In recent years, this goal of SHIMIAODAO is gradually realized. Many stores have gone abroad and become popular overseas. Let's have a look at these two SHIMIAODAO stores.

        First of all, the store in Montreal, Canada mentioned before, has an average daily turnover of 6,000 Canadian dollars, which is more than 30,000 yuan after converting into RMB.        Not long ago in Canada just opened a new store, you can see that the authentic yunnan decoration style, let SHIMIAODAO overseas street also have a unique flavor.
        I hope SHIMIAODAO can go out of the house on behalf of Chinese food and let foreigners experience the authentic yunnan rice noodles. For more information, leave a message online and contact us!

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