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How about opening a SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles?

June 06,2019

        Although this is not the first time SHIMIAODAO has entered the international market, people are still very excited, because the third SHIMIAODAO has been ordered in Canada, which is located on bishop's street in Montreal, Quebec city.The surrounding residents and Chinese have a good taste!

SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles
        Many people will wonder why so many franchisees choose SHIMIAODAO? What's its secret? In fact, the light does not practice false handle type, said again pleasant to hear, no business after opening a shop, still will lose the heart. SHIMIAODAO relies on strength to impress entrepreneurs.

        Store decoration beauty
        Small and beautiful restaurant, simple and fresh decoration design, to create a relaxed and comfortable dining atmosphere for you; Rich colorific ornament, take the nature that you experience yunnan to be colorful, consumer here have dinner the mood is meizi.

        Products rich
        Besides rice noodles, SHIMIAODAO has many kinds of snacks, cold dishes and refreshing fruit drinks. SHIMIAODAO cannot hide a foodie's little thoughts. A staple food is not enough, with a little snack more appetizing, and a bite of iced fruit drink, it is really happy!

        And takeout, which is a great distribution channel
        Too hot to go outside? So easy! SHIMIAODAO, an online takeaway shop, allows you to place orders with ease, even if it's just one delivery, and gives you a sense of ritual. The layered and independent packaging design of the rice noodles and stock prevents delivery time from affecting the flavor of the rice noodles while retaining the ceremonial feel of eating the crossing-the-bridge noodles.

        Don't you like such a rice noodles restaurant? So, SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles are popular for a reason. Small series also for you to sort out [SHIMIAODAO overseas store information], you can do a simple understanding.

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