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SHIMIAODAO enters California with delicious rice noodles!

June 05,2019

Food on the domestic market is becoming increasingly multinational, and consumers are enjoying it.There is "input", and there is "output".Overseas market is the blueprint of many domestic catering development. SHIMIAODAO rice noodles have been successfully settled in Bangkok, Singapore, the United States and other places successively, winning the favor of many local Chinese compatriots and foreign friends.

rice noodles
        Recently, SHIMIAODAO rice noodles will enter America again, and after Chinatown, it will set up ethnic and Chinese style in California.SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles are popular not only in the domestic market, but also in the overseas market with rapid development, continuous progress and easy entry into the overseas market. For entrepreneurs, it is a great opportunity once in a lifetime.
        The speed of SHIMIAODAO's development is really staggering. In the two years since it was opened to join, the domestic market has been able to handle it with ease, while the foreign market has also handled it with ease.Nearly two thousand franchisees, business is booming, which is obvious to all, so that many people in the industry also have around recognition.
        Today's SHIMIAODAO rice noodles brand has developed very mature, and the company's operating system has been perfect.With constant innovation and development, the enthusiastic team has created a big platform for brilliant achievements, waiting for those who are discerning.

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