Hello,welcome to Shi Miao Dao YunNan rice noodles!
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SHIMIAODAO allows you to enjoy the food in peace and simplicity

June 04,2019

Traffic and neon lights,
        In the noisy, busy city,

        Are you looking forward to a simple, quiet, beautiful "time to eat"?

        Despite the complexity of the world,
        Find a place of grace and quiet, where one can enjoy the good taste,
        After living in a group for a long time, I still miss the freedom and quiet of being alone.

        SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles, only 10 seconds, take you to taste authentic yunnan taste. Trust me, walking into this store will make you feel warm!

        Natural and fresh log is tonal, of simple vogue decorate, vivid and bouncing vision colour, comfortable and clear have dinner environment, here appropriate is alone, appropriate thinks, more appropriate enjoys a simple good taste.
SHIMIAODAO rice noodles shop
        Bone soup (original), chicken soup, tomato, gold soup, spicy... There are a lot of characteristic flavor rice noodles, try it, there is always a rice noodles taste will conquer your taste buds, carefully taste, perhaps this taste remember engraved in the heart, miss very much.

        If you like, SHIMIAODAO is a taste of home,
        Come whenever you want,
        Nutritious and fragrant big bone stock, fresh vegetables, fish and meat are available.

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