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SHIMIAODAO—Return to the flavor of yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles

May 31,2019

With the authentic yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles flavor, SHIMIAODAO conquered the majority of consumers.From the first direct-sale store in hangzhou in 2014, brand chain stores are now all over the world, with more than 2200 stores in operation.Regardless of brand influence or market reputation, SHIMIAODAO has been recognized by consumers and franchisees.

yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles
        As a mature chain catering brand, SHIMIAODAO is trustworthy!
        SHIMIAODAO has a successful business operation model, high market feasibility of the project, strong replication of the business model, catering shop, brand building, we are not only serious, but also professional.
        SHIMIAODAO, a real material with feelings of yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles
        Do not understand the consumption psychology of modern consumers, how can do a good meal.Want to eat delicious, also want to eat well, is the current consumer demand.SHIMIAODAO, targeting consumers at young consumer groups, focuses on the small but beautiful catering business model, and creates restaurants with high cost performance and good quality.
        In short, SHIMIAODAO yunnan crossing-the-bridge rice noodles, worth your choice.Want to open such an interesting store, then hurry online message, contact us!

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