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SHIMIAODAO in Montreal, Canada, the daily turnover is 6,000 Canadian dollars

May 30,2019

        Recently, in addition to Lao gan ma and Chinese wolfberries, another delicacy has become popular overseas. It is called the manchu feast of one person and the output of yunnan culture.It is in the outer circle of the domestic flour countless yunnan bridge rice noodles.In fact, SHIMIAODAO overseas from Australia to the United States, Canada, has opened nearly ten stores. Among them, a "SHIMIAODAO rice noodles shop" in Montreal, Canada, has an average daily turnover of c $6,000.

        With the enhancement of national strength, Chinese cuisine has been spread out along with our 5,000 years of culture, making more and more people feel the charm of the land of foodies. Chinese food pays attention to temperature, SHIMIAODAO cross the bridge rice noodles like Chinese character as lively and full of fireworks. The scalding across the bridge rice noodles bring out the extreme temperature. The hot air not only makes foreigners feel the temperature of China, but also soothes the homesickness of overseas Chinese.
SHIMIAODAO rice noodles shop
        Montreal, Canada, SHIMIAODAO rice noodles shop, is to adapt to such a market. We can see that SHIMIAODAO is popular everywhere, which is the driving force of our continuous improvement. At present, more and more cities have SHIMIAODAO’ store, we will continue to develop overseas markets, determined to let more people taste SHIMAIODAO’ delicious. SHIMIAODAO cooked food with heart, only to give you a good taste. Want to open a shop, online message contact us!

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