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In winter, come to SHIMIAODAO to enjoy a private banquet of cross bridge noodle

January 01,1970

        Now it is winter, according to the tradition, to the winter will generally carry on the tonic, this is the old time handed down, in terms of health management, this is also reasonable. This year, I went to SHIMIAODAO cross-the-bridge noodles restaurant and chose delicious cross-the-bridge noodles as a tonic meal.

        SHIMIAODAO, as the successor of yunnan change-the-bridge noodles, is an old brand of change-the-bridge noodles shop, which may be unknown to some people. It is a noisy city in a quite yunnan flavor of a shop, in many cities can see its shadow. Store decoration used a lot of logs as decoration, inseparable from the "antique" this adjective. In addition, not little yunnan style embellishment, let a person can experience the beauty of yunnan. It reminds me of the quaint atmosphere I felt when I traveled in yunnan.
cross bridge noodle
        When it comes to tonic, we have to mention the rice noodles in chicken soup. It is a pure and simple food, big chicken legs, full of rice noodles, thick chicken soup, served on the table, the bowl of soup is still "dong dong dong dong" rolling.
rice noodles
        Tomato brisket crossing-the-bridge noodles, is a good food. According to the traditional way of eating rice noodles, more than a dozen ingredients are put into a pot with a high temperature of 300 degrees. Don't forget the brisket, of course. The brisket is cooked, it's good, it's good to bite, but it's not going to cook badly. Rich tomato soup base, put a few tables can also smell. In winter, this is not bad.

        Golden soup crossing-the-bridge noodles, the ingredients are the same as the original crossing-the-bridge noodles, but the soup base is hot and sour, for spicy people, this is a good choice. Not pungent spicy, so long, hot and sour in the mouth of the open, let people can not help but have been drinking the soup.

        Having said so much about the delicious food in SHIMIAODAO crossing-the-bridge noodles, the service in the shop is also very good. Although it is an alliance shop of crossing-the-bridge noodles, it seems that the manager has failed to train the staff at all. From the entrance to the meal to leave, we have left a good impression.

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