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SHIMIAODAO | good soup, warm stomach!

January 01,1970

        For most Chinese, soup is an essential part of a meal. It is also common to hear parents telling their children to watch their diet, not to always eat dry and easily heated things like barbecue, but to eat something with soup.

        The soup is warm and nutritious. Therefore, food with soup is always favored by most Chinese people. The reason why the yunnan bridge rice noodles are so popular among consumers may also have something to do with the soup.
        If you haven't tasted SHIMIAODAO's original tommy line, you won't be able to appreciate the heart of the stock. Stock is the soul of a rice noodle, so soup is an important process.
        SHIMIAODAO has always held a strict attitude towards product quality, strictly selecting food materials and cooking delicious food with fresh ingredients. This delicious broth is made of fresh bone, hen and ham for two hours a day.
        Look at the big pot in the bubbling broth, color white milk, as if the essence of the ingredients into the soup, let people have an appetite.
        Wait for the broth to serve, prepare a variety of fresh vegetables according to the degree of ripeness, one by one into the pot, while the heat of the stock, the side dishes hot, the way to absorb the flavor of the broth. Finally pour into the rice noodles, the pot is full, appetite also followed up.
        Winter to eat the bridge, of course, to drink a few sips of soup to warm the stomach. The bone soup of SHIMIAODAO is full of gelatinous feeling. The soup is refreshing without heavy and greasy feeling, and the taste is mellow. The taste stays between the tongue, making it delicious to drink.
        Throw a strong way of rice noodles, sze slip, a full mouth, is very strong way.

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