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Shiver, come to SHIMIAODAO for a bowl of hot rice noodles

January 01,1970

Take a walk outside in winter
He was covered with cold
Want to get warm
We need to find a small store with a warm indoor environment and sit down
Have a bowl of hot soup

Shiver, come to SHIMIAODAO for a bowl of hot rice noodles
The decoration style that accords with contemporary contracted aesthetic, log and warm color are tonal, make whole space looks warm and warm. Blend in colorful yunnan colorful culture, enhance the style of the whole restaurant.
Winter such a small and beautiful restaurant, always sending out a warm.
A hot rice noodles across the bridge, to the warmth of your home
For the health party, the little 10 seconds will recommend the original series of bone soup rice noodles: bone soup original rice noodles, big row rice noodles, original beef brisket rice noodles; And tomato rice-noodle series: tomato rice-noodle, tomato brisket rice-noodle, tomato big row rice-noodle, etc.
Bone soup is delicious. It is boiled with fresh bone, whole chicken and ham every day for two hours.
Tomato soup to the bone soup base, add sweet and sour tomatoes, sour and sweet, the taste is not without a touch of umami, tomato soup base taste to eat people have an appetite.
Have the pursuit of taste and like the heavy taste of the small lovely, small ten seconds will recommend the golden soup rice noodle series: golden soup rice noodle, golden soup fat intestine rice noodle, golden soup large intestine rice noodle, sour cabbage fish rice noodle; And the series of spicy rice noodles: spicy rice noodles, spicy pig's feet rice noodles, spicy fat sausage rice noodles.
Jin tang series is mainly sour and spicy taste, the taste of the stock is mouthwatering. The hot and sour broth is also based on bone broth, adding the hot and sour taste of pickled pepper, sour, hot and salty fresh, eat the first bite let people can not help but take a bite.
Spicy series is a heavy spicy way, hemp, spicy, fresh, sweet, let the tip of the tongue feel the stimulation of sichuan taste. For the friends in the south for the winter, you have to eat some spicy, help dehumidification, after all, in the south under the attack of damp and cold magic, who can stand it.
Shiver, come to SHIMIAODAO for a bowl of hot rice noodles!

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